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Let dreams consume your life so life does not consume your dream

Saint Exupéry

Ciuca does indeed remains from the country of Cioran.


All the musicians and choristers who perform the most beautiful sacred pieces of the repertoire but also the masterpieces from Baroque to contemporary, which he passionately and meticulously rediscovers, under his direction, know that he endorses the words of the Romanian thinker :

« What is not heart-breaking is superfluous, at least in music.


Christian Ciuca is part of a new generation of conductors.


He is among those who have changed the codes of classical music transmission to the public.


Christian Ciuca makes a point of taking music first to places where it is not »

Sophie Landowski

Unimedia International Press Agency

In closing, if it is style that makes the man, conductor Christian Ciuca marked this concert with his strong Verdi-like lyrical personality.

                                                                               La République du Centre.
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Founder, musical director and senior conductor of the Ensemble Instrumental de Paris, passionate since he started in Berlin with vocal-symphonic music ...


With high demands and endowed with a tremendous pitch, Christian Ciuca knows both how to lift amateur choirs in search of perfection and musicality ...


Venice, Alpe d'Huez, Essaouira, Murano, Prague ... the first destinations of a unique concept intended to make singers progress (and athletes sing). Breathwork ...

Christian Ciuca, a young French maestro of Romanian descent, conducts with surprising enthusiasm that conveys the pass emotions shared by the musicians and the choristers: musical communion. 

Absolutely awesome.

                                                                            La Nouvelle République. 


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